Frequently Asked Questions

Q     What is your approach to filming a wedding day?


Our approach in filming a wedding day is purely candid storytelling, not stage direction. We’ll still interact with you of course, and have a laugh every now and then, but we don’t want to interrupt with the flow of your day. Experience has shown us that this is the best way to capture those real, natural moments as they happen.


Q     What is a Pre-wedding film or a Same Day Edit? What exactly is the big deal about these that you are so proud of?


Yes, we are very much proud of our Pre-Wedding Film and Same Day Edit! Essentially, a Pre-Wedding Film is a short film that represents the couple. We do have different themes and ideas that you can choose from, but the purpose of having a Pre-Wedding Film is to tell YOUR story, and no two couples are alike. Our Same Day Edit is a short ‘highlights reel’ of your event, edited right on the day and shown on your reception night. The ability to watch it with all your friends and family at the very best time, the day itself, is an incredibly powerful thing – this is where the tears and laughs flow. It brings us so much joy to see the pure emotion these films unlock, and we look forward to sharing this on your wedding too. Please contact us for more details about these options.


Q     How do you present yourselves on the wedding day?


We will come with smart casual attire. We have no company uniform because we feel that even though we come from one company, we are all different individuals with different personalities. We are not a wedding factory; our films are never the same, so neither should our look.


Q     I never really saw or heard you much on my wedding day. Did you guys do any work?


Well, we hope the finished product will answer that one! We will be mostly silent when we’re shooting, for two reasons. The first is that we don’t want our voice recorded in our shots. The second (and most important) is that we actually strive to be invisible so we can capture natural moments without prompting.


Q     OK, I get that you’re great storytellers. Nice. But what about the equipment? You haven’t mentioned that! Am I going to look good on my video?


Well, you’re right, we don’t brag about equipment because ultimately we don’t rely on it to tell our stories – that’s more our natural sense of framing and observation. However, you’ll be pleased to know that Bhattis uses all the latest bells and whistles in wedding video production, including Glidecams, Sliders, Monopods, Tripods, Jibs, 35mm HDSLRs Canon5D mark3, 5D mark2, 7D, 60D, L-series lenses! What we always tell our couples is to watch our samples and see if you like the quality of imagery as well as the stories told.


Q     Are you strict with the duration of the final video?


No, they are all only approximate durations. The duration that we put on our packages is the minimum that we will give you. If we edited your piece a little longer because the story requires it to be, then so be it. What matters the most is whether we have told the story well or not.


Q     You are more expensive in comparison to many other videographers. Why?


It’s simply a different approach. We offer a boutique video production as opposed to a wedding video ‘factory’ that performs hundreds of weddings per year. We are pleased to serve a market that values a personal and unique wedding video for their wedding – handcrafted from their own story, not formed by template. Therefore, it is important to value our work by taking into account the time, skills and effort that we put in to each of our projects. Our clients’ satisfaction with the finished product has proven that our service is simply worth everything that they have invested in us.


Q     What will I actually get, film-wise, once Bhattis has completed my wedding project?


You’ll receive a once in a lifetime experience that can be relived over and over again! All of our packages will contain both a Main Feature and a Trailer edit. The Main Feature edit will contain all of your important events in full with some background music in certain parts of your film, e.g. preparation, photo-shoot (family groups), reception dinner. The Trailer edit is a short highlights video of the entire day that you will watch hundreds of times again with your friends and family. There are also other types of films that you can upgrade, such as the Highlights edit and the Same Day Edit. Please contact us for more details.


Q     Can I use my own music?


Of course you can. However, we kindly ask you to give us freedom in choosing the final music. The reason being that we don’t want a set of music to dictate the flow of the story that we want to tell. On the positive side, it will certainly make things easier when you give us a list of songs that you like and we’ll use it as our starting point of selections.


Q     Is my cinematographer going to be friendly to my guests and me?


There is only one way to find out!


Q     Do you accept pencil bookings?


So long as the pencil is worth a 25% deposit payment! Due to the nature of our business, this deposit is required to book the date – otherwise, the date is still single and searching for its soulmate…


Q     What makes you different from other video companies?


That’s a tough one. We are who we are. It’s very hard for us to praise ourselves, and we don’t know what makes other companies tick, so ummm….we’ll have to pass on that one.


Q     What are the arrangements to fly you overseas to do our wedding?


We always love telling stories from different parts of the world! However, we don’t have wings or time machines at our disposal, so there would naturally be extra charges involved regarding travel costs, accommodation and an out-of-town fee on top of our standard package prices. If you’re still with us, please get in touch to arrange a customized quote to fly us out to your side of the world.


Q     Do you require meals at the wedding day?


Yes, we do. We may have 4 or 5 crew on the day depending on whether you book a same day edit or just the normal package.


Q     Do you have preferences with the photographers you work with?


We do know some great photographers that we wouldn’t mind sharing another fun day of shooting with. However, we also love getting to know new ones! If there were a preference though, we would rather work with those photographers who don’t “pose” too much. As capture-artists, it makes our job so much easier when things ‘just happen’.


Q     Why does it take so long for the video to finish its editing process?


We aim to have each film to our clients by their 10th wedding anniversary….just kidding! Seriously though, we are not offering a ‘cookie-cutter’ mass-produced video package, so the process is very time-consuming. It’s for all the right reasons though – we want to make sure that we’re delivering the best we can to our couples. Please rest assured it will be well worth the wait.